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The Sticker that Finds you!

Phase Two

The Production Involved in Creating Wi-Finder's Products:

The items that would need to be produced to produce my product are microcircuit boards, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi modules, adhesive glues, and thick plastic designs.
Microcircuit boards can be made/printed from a Multilayer Squint PCB Printer ($5,500 per printer).
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules can be bought for $9.40 per unit and $3.60 per unit respectively.
Adhesive spray cost $12.99 per 14oz.
Basic 3D Printers ($120.60 each) are optimal for printing simplistic designs to house the sticker’s circuitry.
The plastic used to print the product’s housing are $23 per spool.

Basic 3D Printer for Plastic HousingPlastic used to house the product

How the Production will Start Out:

Because the company is starting as a sole proprietorship, I feel that the production of my product will be assembled by hand on my own (possibly from home). This is simply because having more than one person working on the product would be financially problematic during my business’ early developmental stage.

I hope as the company gets more money and resources, the production process can become more productive through automation, more advanced hardware printers, research advancements in microcircuitry, and eventually obtain a large pool of dedicated employees.

The Management Structure and Outsourcing of Wi-Finder:

Since I plan to run the entire business on my own, the business won’t have a management structure. However, once the company expands to a small group of employees, me and another highly trained employee will be in charge of the company’s planning and controlling as upper and middle management, as well as be in charge of all human resource functions (researching labour market, determining the staffing plan, hiring, firing, interviewing, giving employee compensations, and placing specialized benefits and specialized training sessions to protect against chemicals when manufacturing electronic products).

The 'rest of the best' workers will take on the role of lower management, taking charge of their department as a cross-functional team (production, research, sticker design) and leading and organizing all the production/research employees as their team captains/managers.

The best type of leadership style for Wi-Finder is mainly autocratic. Producing the product takes a lot of time and each step of production needs to keep employees healthy and safe from fatal chemicals associated with electronic manufacturing, use its time and resources efficiently, create useful research on a rapid basis, as well as making sure that the products produced adhere to the quality and specification standards set in place by Wi-Finder. There is not much room for the company to allow employee input or creativity regarding the production and researching of Wi-Finder's products.

There is an exception to the autocratic leadership style of Wi-Finder when it comes to Wi-Finder's creating of sticker designs. Employees that are assigned to create sticker designs are more likely to undergo Laissez-faire leadership because their job is more creative-based and is more lax than the other roles in the company (production and research).

In terms of outsourcing, I’ll have to continuously outsource products such as my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules and adhesive spray until I can hire researchers and producers to create it on company grounds. The products that only need a one-time outsourcing are the circuitboard printers and 3D printers. I can then create the microcircuit boards and plastic housing for the stickers on company grounds once the printers are acquired.

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